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Are you an auto reconditioning company who is looking to grow? Are you in search of an edge that will give you a leg up on the competition? Are you frustrated with paperwork, billing, invoicing, and time spent on back office tasks when you could be out making money?

If so we have a solution for you that will alleviate all of these issues and the best part is, it is totally FREE.

Introducing Repair 360

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What is Repair 360 and what does it do?

Repair360 is a mobile app that wrangles all of the necessary functions of your auto reconditioning business into one place. With Repair360 you can log in cars as you work on them, take pre-inspection notes and photos, manage multiple technicians with the paid edition, create and email invoices and more all from your preferred mobile device.

With Repair360 you get the following features:
VIN Scanning
Photo Capture to document prior damage
Mobile Printing
Mobile Email
Full Customer Database
Historical Lookup & Storage
Client Tracking
Web based management dashboard to keep track of everything
Multiple technicians Support (requires paid account)

How Repair360 can help your business.

Boost your Image- Get more customers

It’s no surprise that a professional looking organization tends to attract more customers. Set yourself apart from the competition by offering the professionalism and ease of transaction that you can get from Repair360.

When you make it easy for your customers to do business with you, they become repeat customers. Repair360 is just what you need to make the process simple for your customers. Simply load the car’s information with the built in VIN scanner, add in the customer details, and perform your walk through with the customer noting any issues with your mobile device’s camera.

Once the job is complete you can create an invoice and send it to the customer while logging the transaction into your accounting software. It is that easy.

Have a repeat customer? Simply scan the vehicle VIN and Repair 360 will auto populate customer information saving you one more step.

Manage multiple technicians. Does your auto detailing company employ multiple detailers? You can track employee progress with Repair 360. At a glance you can determine what your staff is working on, keep tabs on progress and manage invoicing and billing all from your app.

If you are ready to turn your auto reconditioning business to the next level, simply download Repair360 today!

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