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Howard Taylor

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Coronavirus Update

We take the recent surge in the Coronavirus very seriously and are expanding our services to significantly reduce exposure for our valued customers.

Internally, our technicians and customer service staff are trained to take all the necessary precautions in preventing the potential spreading of any contaminants through the use of proper protective equipment and chemicals that inhibit the spread of any potential communicable infection.

For our customers, we are providing a number of ways to effectively communicate with us through limited social interaction including:

  1. Simply call our office to explain your collision needs. Our website provides a section where you can simply upload photos of your damage and we will discuss your options accordingly.
  2. Pickup and delivery service is available where applicable.
  3. Electronic signatures for authorization of repairs.
  4. Video chat to discuss and review your claim.

In the meantime, we hope you remain safe and are taking the necessary precautions until this threat has passed.