What to Do if your Car was Vandalized in West Philadelphia

What to Do if your Car was Vandalized

We know living in West Philadelphia has its ups and downs. If you park your car long enough on a city street in West Philly, there is a strong chance you could fall victim to vandalism. Hundreds of cars are vandalized on city streets every year. You may not know what to do if your… Read more »


Can I Drive with the Gas Light on in University City?

driving with gas light on

We’ve all been there before: You’re driving home from work and notice your gas level is well under a quarter tank. You tell yourself you have enough to wait to fill up until after work tomorrow, then completely forget. Next thing you know, you’re running on fumes pulling into the gas station with a glaring… Read more »


What to Do When Lightning Strikes your Car in University City

lightning strikes car

If you are like most, when you were growing up you probably heard that one of the safest places to be during a lightning storm was the inside of your car. As you may have been told, when lightning strikes, the car’s rubber tires act as insulation from the lightning grounding out, much like the… Read more »


What University City Drivers Need to Know About Airbag Recalls

Airbag recalls in University City

On your way to work through University City, do you ever think about how safe your vehicle really is? Are all the elements that keep you alive in a crash functioning properly? Do you trust the company who designed and manufactured your car? What if you we told you that tens of thousands of Americans… Read more »