How to Handle Clear Coat Delamination in University City

You love your car; it’s still going as strong as it was the day you purchased it. And whether that purchase was 5 years ago or 15 years ago, you want your car to continue running strong. But a number of hot summers in University City have begun to bake your clear coat to the point of peeling. This peeling is called clear coat delamination and it is common in a lot of cars from the early to mid-1990s.

There are good news and bad news to this process of clear coat delamination. The bad news? Once this process starts, you cannot stop it. This can be tough to hear when you love your car and want to take care of it. But, you can either learn to live with it, or come to terms with the problem and get it fixed. The good news here is if you do decide to get your paint fixed, it is very easy to match the existing paint on your car, and Paul Bros. can get it back to looking factory new again.

What to Do When Lightning Strikes your Car in University City

If you are like most, when you were growing up you probably heard that one of the safest places to be during a lightning storm was the inside of your car. As you may have been told, when lightning strikes, the car’s rubber tires act as insulation from the lightning grounding out, much like the rubber coating on a wire. If the lightning has no opportunity to ground, your car will not get hit.

Recently, several videos have been released showing cars moving through traffic being struck by lightning. In some cases, the lightning strikes are so powerful they blow parts of car clean off. Many who still believe rubber tires will protect from a lightning strike to the car might not believe these videos can be real. But, as it turns out, lightning strikes to a car is much more common than once believed; and it can cause more damage than you think.

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What University City Drivers Need to Know About Airbag Recalls

On your way to work through University City, do you ever think about how safe your vehicle really is? Are all the elements that keep you alive in a crash functioning properly? Do you trust the company who designed and manufactured your car? What if you we told you that tens of thousands of Americans were driving around with deadly devices in their cars every day? What’s worse, is that these deadly devices are supposed to be in your car protecting you. Today, we at Paul Bros. are talking about airbags. Airbag recalls specifically. Airbags were introduced to American drivers in the early 70s. Since then, they have been a controversial topic in the automobile industry.

Imagine this: You are driving downtown to meet friends for lunch. You take your typical path through University City but get distracted for a moment and rear-end the person in front of you. Nothing more than a fender bender. But, what if that fender bender turned into a fatal accident because a safety feature malfunctioned? That is what has happened to Jewel Brangman four years ago. In what should have been a minor, walk away incident, Brangman was killed when her airbag deployed after hitting the bumper in the car in front of her. Her airbag deployed when it should not have and sprayed shards of glass, severing her carotid artery.

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Bumper Repair in University City: Insurance vs. Out of Pocket

Philadelphia’s university city is definitely a fun place to live, work, and enjoy city life. From the exciting nightlife, parks and recreation and local events, Philly is a wonderful place to spend your time. But one thing we at Paul Bros. Auto Body is sure of is that you probably do not like driving your car the hustle and bustle of this town.

As an auto body repair shop within University City, Paul Bros. technicians see a lot of the common accidents that result from driving in tight quarters. And, many of the most usual accidents that happen in cities like this one are small, annoying accidents. These could be sideswipes, fender benders, or having your side mirror taken off by a distracted motorist. While these accidents should not go unnoticed, they are, however, small, but often leave your car drivable. These accidents are usually pretty inexpensive to fix, fall in a couple of hundred-dollar range. As a driver, you may be left wondering if this is something you should file with your insurance company.