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Common Paint Issues

From door dings and scratches, peeling clear coat, and heavy collisions, we fix them all at Paul Bros. Auto Body in University City.

Some cars, like Honda’s for example, are notorious for paint issues such as peeling clear coat. Other models like certain Mustangs have issues with bubbling paint at the hood edges due to galvanic corrosion because aluminum is touching steel. We can repair and repaint small sections or do a full paint re-spray on a car that has some years on it.

Our Garmat downdraft paint booth is state of the art and we use only high-quality paint materials at our shops. We keep our booth clean with regular filter changes to keep contaminants out of the fresh paint.

Color matching is a big part of auto bodywork. So often we see cars on the road in and around University City or throughout Philadelphia with really bad paint matching from other shops – we can’t believe the customer accepted the work!

Automotive Paintwork that matches the original!

Did you know that even on a brand new car, there are variations in the paint color based on what assembly line and what time of day the car or truck was produced? This is called variants, and this is where experienced painters come in to play.

Our paint department has computerized paint mixing equipment and can mix any color of paint on the road, but that paint code is only the baseline. The painter must then take out his variants books and determine which variant of the original paint code to use on your car.

Body shops who either don’t care, or don’t have quality controls in place will often skip this step, and that is why you see cars on the road with mismatched paint.

Commitment to the Environment

Paul Bros. Auto Body is committed to protecting the environment. We were one of the first auto body shops in the Philadelphia area to make the switch to waterborne paint versus the more toxic solvent-based automotive paint. While it is not a requirement in Pennsylvania to spray waterborne paint, we feel that it is our responsibility to do what we can when it comes to our environment.

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Modern repair techniques in University City’s oldest auto repair shop.

  • Automotive painters that you can trust.
  • At Paul Bros. Auto Body, we go to great lengths to ensure that your car’s repairs will be unnoticeable- as if the accident never happened.
  • Do you have a lease trade-in with some damage?
  • Do you have peeling clear coat on your car?
  • Do you have scratches, dings, and dents that you want to have addressed before they begin to rust?
  • Give us a call for a quote to fix your paintwork troubles!
  • Coronavirus Update

    We take the recent surge in the Coronavirus very seriously and are expanding our services to significantly reduce exposure for our valued customers.

    Internally, our technicians and customer service staff are trained to take all the necessary precautions in preventing the potential spreading of any contaminants through the use of proper protective equipment and chemicals that inhibit the spread of any potential communicable infection.

    For our customers, we are providing a number of ways to effectively communicate with us through limited social interaction including:

    1. Simply call our office to explain your collision needs. Our website provides a section where you can simply upload photos of your damage and we will discuss your options accordingly.
    2. Pickup and delivery service is available where applicable.
    3. Electronic signatures for authorization of repairs.
    4. Video chat to discuss and review your claim.

    In the meantime, we hope you remain safe and are taking the necessary precautions until this threat has passed.