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Why Choose Paul Bros. Auto Body

You don’t stay in business for over 100 years and four generations without knowing how to treat customers right, fix cars correctly, and reinvest in the company to stay ahead of every industry change. This is the legacy of Paul Bros. Auto Body.

From humble roots in bicycle repair and coppersmithing, we have been fixing automobiles for as long as they have been on the streets. When you evolve as a company side-by-side with the evolution of the automobile, you learn a thing or two about how to fix cars. You learn how to spot trends, and you learn how vital it is to prepare for the technological advancements that are headed your way. You learn how to prepare for the future.

This is the legacy of Paul Bros. Auto Body.

Our History

Max Paul Bicycle Repair

In 1905, Max Paul, through the help of his uncle, started a small bicycle repair shop in Old City Philadelphia. The original shop was named Max Paul Bicycle Repair and eventually Max moved his shop to 7018 Woodland Avenue in 1907 and began to repair motorized vehicles.

Early vehicles were manufactured with the radiators mounted on the front of the vehicles. The first radiators were also made of copper, which required skilled craftspersons to repair. Max, with his training as a coppersmith, was well suited to provide services to those in need of radiator repair.

Lincoln Auto Radiator

Max was soon unable to keep up with the demand for his services and hired his father-in-law, also a trained coppersmith, to help him repair radiators. He moved the bicycle repair shop to 53rd and Lancaster Avenue in West Philadelphia, renaming it Lincoln Highway Garage in 1908.

With a surge in automobile purchases in the early 1900’s and an equal amount of car accidents and breakdowns, he moved Lincoln Highway Garage in 1917 to 3633 Walnut Street and again renamed the business – this time Lincoln Auto Radiator.

Originally, Lincoln Auto Radiator specialized in yes, radiator repair. Many types of transportation vehicles were repaired, including municipal vehicles ( fire carriages, horse carriages, etc.). As business expanded, Max intuitively began to explore additional opportunities within the automobile repair industry.

Ford Motor Company introduced the Model T in hopes of increasing their market share by appealing to middle America consumers with low cost, high-quality automobiles. Wildly successful, Ford revolutionized the auto industry and made owning an automobile a reality for many American families.

Early Collision Repair

The years after the first World War saw a boom in automobile sales. Max’s reputation as a master mechanic became legendary in Philadelphia and his business now required offering more services, including dent repair, alignment, painting and upholstery repairs.

In 1925, Max moved to a larger location at 3957 Baltimore Avenue and began offering a variety of collision repair services. To accomplish this, Max began to assemble the best possible technicians in Philadelphia. He hired only the top mechanics, engine builders, alignment technicians, painters, upholstery workers, carpenters and sheet metal workers. Another name change was in order, and the original business was renamed Lincoln Auto Body Repair.

As the roaring 20’s came to an end, business began to slow as the stock market crash of 1929 proved devastating to the country’s economy. Lincoln Auto Body Radiator was affected as well. Max was determined not to lay any employees off during the downturn. In order to accomplish this, there were many weeks, and even months, Max refused to take a paycheck. His noble efforts aside, Max was confronted with mounting bills and was faced with a decision to close the business.

The Great Depression and the Paul Bros.

America was in the grips of the Great Depression in the 1930’s. Faced with mounting bills and the loss of business due to poor economic conditions, Max was forced to reorganize Lincoln Auto Body. Luckily, Max had trained his sons, Edward and Harry, in the business. Edward and Harry combined all their assets and begged their father not to abandon the business and its employees. The plot worked, and Max agreed to move the business to 4738 Market Street and reopen under new management in 1931. The new name was appropriately called Paul Bros. Auto Body Rehabilitators.

The Paul brothers injected new life into the business. Harry, who had grown up watching his father repair vehicles since he was 2 years old, also possessed great marketing skills and vision. Even with a downturn in the economy, Harry and Edward initiated an aggressive marketing strategy aimed at the insurance industry. Already well known for their high-level of product quality, the brothers’ plans worked in establishing new business through the lean Depression years.

By 1935, Paul Bros. was fully recovered from the devastating effects of the Depression. With production in full gear and business growing, Harry and Edward Paul continued to expand the business through the Depression and War years. When a new location became available 4810 Chestnut Street, the brothers did not hesitate to seize the opportunity to double their production size.

The War Years

During the 1940’s, Paul Bros. became an important part of the local war effort. Harry and Edward converted the production area into a machine shop dedicated to producing airplane parts. With many of the Paul Bros. employees overseas serving their country, the focus of the company was now directed towards winning the war.

When the war ended in 1945, Paul Bros. began the process of reverting the shop to accommodate automotive collision repair. In 1947, Harry founded the Delaware Valley Autobody Association, known as the DVAA. The DVAA helped establish collision repair standards that included an effort to inform consumers regarding proper collision repair. Paul Bros. was well on the road to recovery.


The 1990’s continued to be successful for Paul Bros. Wilmington Lexus was founded by Max in 1992 and has become a premier agency, winning the Elite of Lexus nine consecutive years. Paul Bros. received national recognition for dedication to the collision repair industry, and Max, always a strong supporter of community services, was spotlighted in People Magazine, amongst other publications, for his outstanding achievements in the community.

The new millennium began with the introduction of the fourth generation Paul family member, Bradford, into the business in 2000. Like his ancestors, Brad quickly became involved in the family business and immediately added Main Line Saab to the Paul Group of agencies. Under Brad’s direction, Main Line Saab became the number one producing Saab dealer in the region. The Saab agency was sold in December 2004 to make room for Ardmore Toyota.

With 100 years of dedication to automotive excellence and community service, the Paul family looks forward to serving the city of Philadelphia and surrounding areas with the finest automotive services for another 100 years.

Why should you trust Paul Brothers Auto Body with your car or truck?

We Offer the Best Customer Service

When you take your car or truck to Paul Bros. Auto Body for auto body repair, you can take comfort in knowing that your car will be fixed safely, correctly as directed by the manufacturer, and with the same quality craftsmanship that transcends the history of the automobile. You can take comfort in knowing that your auto body repair carries a full warranty. We will work with your Insurance carrier to ensure that your repair is as quick and painless as possible without cutting corners or compromising the safety of your vehicle. You can rest assured that your office staff will take excellent care of you. You can rest assured that our technicians will treat your car with the same care that we would if it was our car. You can rest assured that when your car is fixed, it will look as good as new and be as safe as when you purchased it.