Have you been considering getting a fresh update to the color of your car? Have you noticed some delamination or rust on the side panels and want to get it fixed? Or, have you just been in a collision and need the damage repaired? Well, all of these will require a new paint job. At Paul Bros., one of the most common questions we’re asked is, “will new paint match the rest of my car after auto body repair?”

We can’t say it isn’t something to consider when you’re getting your car worked on. No one wants their car going into the shop for a routine procedure and coming out looking terrible. So, it’s understandable this is a concern of our clients. But don’t worry! Our shop has state-of-the-art technology to make sure your car is returned to pre-accident/damage condition – this includes a sleek paint job.

Will New Paint Match the Rest of My Car After Auto Body Repair?

What is involved in the process…

There are a few steps involved when getting a new paint job. First, if you’ve submitted for a free online estimate, we will review the car and give you a general idea of the price. Once your car is brought it, we can assess the job in person and have a clearer vision of what needs to happen. Generally, the car will be prepped for a new coat of paint after the damage has been repaired. The areas in questions will be washed and sanded down completely before the new paint job can happen. Your car will then be covered with a plastic coating and taped off to keep areas not be painted safe.

How We Paint Match for Your Car…

Whether you’re getting a new bumper cover painted, peeling clearcoat repair, complete auto painting, scratch removal, or classic and vintage car body paint, we can match it. The concern from clients usually comes from the painting of different materials or older vehicles. If you’re getting a bumper replaced with a cover, the paint typically is a shade or two different because covers are plastic while the car is metal. So, even though you use the same color on the car as the cover, it will vary because of the material.

Will New Paint Match After Auto Body Repair

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With older cars, customers are worried the body shop won’t have the same color still or it’s too out-of-date. At Paul Bros., we have a special tool – PPG Rapidmatch– that gets the paint to match almost if not perfectly to the original color of your car

What is PPG Rapidmatch and What Do it Do?

The PPG Rapidmatch tool takes the whole, “Will new paint match the rest of my car after auto body repair,” questions out of the equation. This tool is specifically designed to scan your car to get the most accurate color possible. We use a spectrometer camera to get a computerized reading to match the customer’s vehicle color at vital angles. The Rapidmatch spectrometer combines 11 color angles and five texture angles to get 16 geometries. Basically, this helps our technicians get real-time paint surface viewing. It uses a database of pre-determined colors to find the best blendable match so we don’t have to spend as much time in the mixing room.

When your car is ready to paint…

Once your car is ready, the paint will be sprayed on in even layers and finished off with a clear coat. This is what will make your car look fresh and shiny. The car is then taken to one of our large dryers where the coats can be dried and cured to set until it hardens. When the entire process is complete, we guarantee you won’t be able to tell where your old paint ends and the new paint beings. It’s really all about choosing a shop that knows how to handle all types of paint repair and what is going to work best for your car.

By choosing Paul Bros., you can rest easy when you hand us your keys. Not only are we fast, but we’re reliable and offer warranties on our paint jobs. As we mentioned earlier, if you find yourself in need of paint repair of any kind, submit for one of our free online estimates. You should never be asking a body shop: “Will new paint match the rest of my car after auto body repair?” – you should just know. We can help take the frustration of wondering if your car will look worse when it’s finished out of the equation. Our dedicated team is ready and waiting to help you get your car back on the road looking pretty. So, reach out today!


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