Paul Bros. Auto Body stands behind the work performed by our facility because we want you to be a loyal, happy customer. We understand that having auto body work done is stressful and you want to know about repairs in the future. At our shop, we have a lot of people ask, “what kind of warranty comes with my car repair?” Unlike a lot of other shops in University City, Paul Bros. offers warranties for everyone and their repair. Below we’ll tell you all about what kind of warranties we offer to our customers. We can tell you how long each warranty lasts and what it specifically covers. We’ll also tell you why it’s important to get a warranty on your car after repairs are done.

What Kind of Warranty Comes with My Car Repair in University City

Every body shop is different, but at Paul Bros., we offer a lifetime warranty. We offer written warranties within all of our paint and body repair facilities. We promise to repair any defects in our workmanship free of charge. This does not, however, include those defects caused by unreasonable use, maintenance, or care of the vehicle. The best way to have your vehicle serviced under a warranty with Paul Bros. is to keep a receipt of your original repair. Most repair shops require proof of your last visit and repair to be able to receive repairs on your vehicle.

Types of Warranties We Offer

Body Repairs – In terms of answering “What kind of warranty comes with my car repair,” at Paul Bros., we offer a limited warranty on any type of metalwork done to your vehicle. This type of work includes welding pieces and applying any types of materials used to combat common issues like cracking, flaking, and deterioration.

Mechanical Repairs – We provide a one-year limited warranty on mechanical repairs that relate directly to any type of collision/accident damage. This does not include electrical issues and assemblies like air conditioning.

Paint Repair – Living in University City, one of the most common problems we see is damage done to the paint on a car. This is due to side swipes and small fender accidents leaving the paint scarred and ugly. At Paul Bros. we provide a limited lifetime warranty on paint priming and painting work against blistering, peeling, loss of pigmentation, and hazing. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty on applying and adhering special stripes and decals. It does not, however, cover defects caused by extreme environmental conditions.

How to Use Your Warranty Successfully

“What kind of warranty comes with my car repair,” can bring up other questions and concerns related to car repair warranties. A lot of people don’t know how to fully access their warranty terms and get their warranty honored. Below are some tips for understanding how to use your warranty to its fullest potential.

Understanding the terms in your warranty…
Warranties are basically an agreement between you the car owner and the shop. Depending on what type of warranty you have set in place, the conditions will be different and you must follow and understand them in order to successfully use your warranty.

This starts by reading your entire warranty. Don’t skim and sign and agree to things you might not agree with in the long run. Be aware of modifications and the timeline. Look for the word excludes – this will help you know what your warrant will not cover no matter how much you ask. If you are confused, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. Warranties can be wordy and long.

Keep up with the schedule listed in your warranty…
Warranties can list specific start and end dates to maintain a schedule of repair. It may also require bringing your car in before certain dates in order to be fully repaired. Be sure to follow any scheduled dates clearly otherwise the warranty could be voided.

Another important thing to remember here is to keep your own record. Yes, Paul Bros. and other body shops keep a record of all repairs, but it’s a good habit to maintain personal records. Hang on to all of your receipts – this will help the repair process run smoothly when working on under warranty.

When you have or need repair work done to your vehicle, warranties can come in handy. At Paul Bros., we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your warranty and fully understand what we offer. If you have more questions about the warranties we offer at our shop or how to get the most out of your car repair warranty, reach out! Or, if you need work done on your vehicle, we’re here for that too. Let’s talk!


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