After you’re in an accident and get your car into the shop for repair, the first question that pops into your head is probably, “How long is this going to take?” For many, if this is the only car you have or you have places to be, going several says without your car can be miserable. Most shops aren’t able to give a clear-cut answer but at Paul Bros., we have the process down and we’re here to answer your most burning question – “how long is a typical bumper repair?”

We want your car to be in and out as quick as possible, working like new. Living in University City, one of the most common repair jobs we see at Paul Bros. is the result of a fender bender. Replacing a bumper is a fairly routine process but does require some time (but don’t worry it’s not a lot!)

How Long is a Typical Bumper Repair?

Every fix is different, but there are a set of processes any shop should follow and be able to calculate into a time frame for the completion of your car. At Paul Bros., you can begin the process by scheduling a free, online quote where we can take a look at your car and get started on preparation.

Repairing and Replacing a Bumper

So, how long is a typical bumper repair? Typically, to repair or replace a bumper cover takes about 3 days. Repairing a bumper cover usually involves first removing the cover from the car. After it is removed, any imperfections are removed or sanded down for a smooth surface. Once the surface has been cleaned and sanded off, our technicians can then begin the painting process. When the paint has been dried and cured and is finally safe to handle, the bumper can be reinstalled on the car. This painting and curing process probably takes the longest since it takes around 6 to 8 hours for everything to dry completely. Once this process is complete, the car is given a thorough cleaning and sent on its way!

Replacing a bumper cover is what would normally keep your car in the shop the full three days. If the bumper has been damaged enough to require replacing, it will need to have parts sent out for and delivered. The new bumper cover is typically received the next day. Once we have the part in, we can get started on the same process as above. We’ll sand, paint, buff, and clean the car.

Typical Cost of Bumper Repair

Depending on the extent of damage, the cost of repairing a bumper cover is about $600. To replace a bumper cover $1,000. It’s important to remember that every model is different. This is why we offer the free online quote we mentioned earlier. This lets us see the vehicle or bring it in faster to inspect to ensure all of the options and damages can be considered. This can include everything from the bumper to brackets and clips.

The online quote also helps figure in total cost because it allows us to know what we can pre-order. Typically, we like to pre-order bumper covers to streamline the process. This way, the customer only owes the cost of the part up front. The remaining balance can be paid once the repairs are done.

Paint Matching

When it comes to knowing the answer to “how long is a typical bumper repair” in University City, some of our clients worry the most about is color matching. Bumper covers are plastic and the body of your car is metal. Because of the different materials, the paint color can vary and the process is more involved. This process is similar to trying to paint wood and metal with the same brush – the color will look different on the different materials.

One thing for our customers to remember is that even brand-new cars straight from the factory have bumper covers that are slightly different in shade than the rest of the car. At Paul Bros., however, we attempt to match the color of the vehicles as closely as possible. We use the PPG Rapid Match tool to match our colors. Our techs use a spectrometer camera to get a computerized reading to match the customer’s vehicle color. This advanced software allows us to determine the color choices and get them so close to the original.

No matter what, at Paul Bros., we will work as hard as possible to get your car back on the road as soon as possible. With our quick, 3-day turn-around, you can rest easy knowing the bumper of your car will be expertly repaired or replaced. If you have more questions about how long a typical bumper repair is or other common repairs, reach out! We want to hear from you. All you have to do is click the button below!


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