Philadelphia’s university city is definitely a fun place to live, work, and enjoy city life. From the exciting nightlife, parks and recreation and local events, Philly is a wonderful place to spend your time. But one thing we at Paul Bros. Auto Body is sure of is that you probably do not like driving your car the hustle and bustle of this town.

As an auto body repair shop within University City, Paul Bros. technicians see a lot of the common accidents that result from driving in tight quarters. And, many of the most usual accidents that happen in cities like this one are small, annoying accidents. These could be sideswipes, fender benders, or having your side mirror taken off by a distracted motorist. While these accidents should not go unnoticed, they are, however, small, but often leave your car drivable. These accidents are usually pretty inexpensive to fix, fall in a couple of hundred-dollar range. As a driver, you may be left wondering if this is something you should file with your insurance company.

Insurance vs. Out of Pocket: Bumper Repair in University City


At Paul Bros., we want to help you understand that your best option for fixing your car may not be filing an insurance claim but paying out of pocket.

Understanding Your Deductible

For some out there struggling to understand how to deal with understanding your car insurance, let’s start with the basics – your deductible. If you do not know, your deductible equals the amount of money you are required to pay toward any repairs before your insurance will cover the rest. For example, if your accident damage requires $5,000 in repairs and you have a deductible of $500, you will only pay that $500 in repairs. Your insurance will cover $4,500.

Choosing your deductible is important, and many choose to increase their deductible as a means to save money. If you pay a higher deductible, you could potentially lower the costs of your insurance premiums. Ultimately, whether you live in University City, a neighboring area, or states over, it is important you pay attention to aspects of your life like income, how much you have in savings and what you budget for in a week or even month. Knowing what you can personally afford will help you decide what plans work best for you.

Filing a Claim Vs. Out of Pocket

You may be wondering, “why all the talk about deductibles and car insurance?” Well, as we mentioned above, living in smaller, urban areas like University City, less severe accidents occur. When you find yourself coming to the body shop for a repair and payment, take into account different aspect of the accident. Were you or others injured? How badly is my car damaged? What is my deductible? How many times have I had to claim an accident before?

Filing an Insurance Claim

Let us look at a few examples. Say you are driving down the street and hit another car. There appears to be extensive damage, other drivers are involved, and there might be an injury. Using the numbers above, let’s say you have $5,000 worth of damages; your insurance deductible is $500. You could try to pay out the $5,000 but that is a lot of money to be paying out of pocket and chance are, you do not have that kind of money laying around. Looking at all the factors here, your best option may be to file a claim. Just be aware your rates could potentially rise, especially if you get into another accident soon after.

Paying Out of Pocket

Because we get a lot of customers around University City, as mentioned above, we see a lot of smaller accidents. The light repairs, mirrors, tire and bumper accidents are frustrating of course, but often you can drive your car around for a while after the accident occurs. Let us work through an example of why it may be a better option for you to pay out of pocket.

You are making your way downtown to shop and start pulling into a parking spot when you accidentally run into the parking meter in front of you. Your front light is broken and you see some small damage to your bumper. At Paul Bros., we would classify this as a minor accident. You are the only car involved and you can drive away from the scene. If you take your car to the shop, your repair costs are likely to be small. If your total repair comes to within $100 (give or take) of your deductible, you should really consider paying out of pocket. The more you claim, the more your insurance company can raise your premiums.

Take Action

At Paul Bros., whether you decide to file with your insurance or pay out of pocket we will be here to support you all the way. But, more importantly, we will fix your vehicle! Our main goal is to get you and your car back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible. Just act quickly and bring your car in as soon as you notice you’re having trouble. The quicker you bring your car to us, the faster we can get started on fixing it and preventing further damage.